Throughout the Dark Months of April and May

I want to live inside a Pre-Raphaelite painting or a Cocteau Twins' album and never let go of my flower wreaths and lacy veils.

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The Prophetess Libuse by Karel Vitezslav Masek, 1893
My Delineated Life

Claude Monet’s “Misty Morning on the Seine in Blue.”

Circe the Enchantress by Edmund Dulac (L’Illustration magazine, 1911)

Alan Lee

Julius Leblanc Stewart - The Glade (1900)

Paris, at the fin de siècle, taken close to 1907. It was printed in color by a technique involving a composite of black and white emulsion passed through a series of colored filters (red, blue and green).

Jane Morris photographed by John R. Parsons on June 7th 1865